Internet for Residents

Wires Broadband, part of the Spirit Family, for residents has a range of wireless broadband solutions for households with or without fixed phone lines. We build and maintain our own independent network using a mix of Fibre and Radio technology. This allows us to provide you with an alternative to the NBN that’s different and better.

Internet for Business

Wires Broadband for Business has a range of broadband solutions for businesses of every size. Our fast and reliable internet means no down time or wasted productivity. Our range of flexible data plans means that you can increase or decrease your internet data allowance to suit the growth of your business.

Internet for Commercial

Wires Networks thrives on taking on the challenge of providing internet to large operations in central or remote areas. We work with commercial operations of all scales including mining, hotels & events. If you need internet for your commercial operation or are unhappy with your current speeds or pricing, we’d love to speak to you about providing a solution.


At Wires Broadband and Networks, our mission is to connect underserviced areas with fast and reliable internet. Our coverage spans from the Sunshine Coast to Northern New South Wales and working with this select area has made as experts in servicing these growing regions. We have a range of Broadband solutions to suit almost every person, household, business and commercial operation.

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